Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sandstone Trail

At the start in Whitchurch

I completed the SST today (30th May 2013).  I got lost a few times so didn't get the course record which I was secretly hoping for but now that I know the course I'll hopefully smash it next time. The course record is 4hrs10mins (fastest I can find) by Duncan Harris from Chester Tri. I did it in 4hrs 40mins. 

For future reference or for anyone else running it note the following:  

- Route goes left at Greenfield Rise Road (first mile!) 
- Go under the bridge on Shropshire Union Canal and not to the A41.
- At about 5 miles when the course goes onto the farm go right straight away and don't wander through the Farm yard :) for five minutes dodging dead rats.
- Running up the lane out of Bickerton it almost goes straight on at the end of the first road across the A534.
- Just before 29 miles, when on the Road, bear left onto New Pale Road.
- On Manley Road it goes left after the Pylon.
- Practice the bit after the War Memorial.  I went completely wrong, exasperated by fatigue!  It goes down around the front of the Memorial; and 
- Go all the way down Church Street and not into the dead end Car Park!

My wife and daughter supported me and met me along the course with, fresh socks, food and drinks. Superb. 

The route is recorded on Garmin
Link (roll over me to see where I go) 

The highlights of the day were seeing so much of the countryside without roads and traffic, feeling good all the way, hearing the real noises of the Countryside. 

At the end in Frodsham