Sunday, 29 June 2014

1st at Rhyl half marathon

A hard earned 1st place

I ran Rhyl half marathon today which went out along a seafront promenade and then back again. Going out was tough. There was a head wind, my effort was too hard and the first and second place guys were getting too far ahead. At one point they were about 1 min ahead of me. But at half way I decided not to reduced my effort as I might just catch them. It was tough. I had to just think of my breathing to distract me from the pain. I couldn't let myself think that there was X miles left. "Just do the next mile as fast as possible" was what I thought. It paid off. I caught them both in the last mile.

In other News, Friday night I had coats and my spare key stolen from my front porch. I had to pay for new locks and replace the coats. From now on I'm locking my front door as well as my other one. Just didn't think anyone would bother stealing coats and shoes. Right pain in the. .. because the insurance won't pay as the porch door was unlocked and the coats were worth about £175 in total. They did also go around the back of my house but the security on my shed is top notch so they didn't get anything from there. Opportunists.

Monday, 23 June 2014

My YouTube 5 min plank

Here's the YouTube video. I don't think it'll go viral but hopefully you'll see that I kept good form. Danielson's 5 min plank:

Personally I don't think there's much to gain from going over 5 mins that you couldn'tgain from spending the time doing ssomething else. I feel like I gained more for a running benefit mentally rather than physically because it's taught me how to deal with pain a bit better.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Advanced plank challenge

For those of you who have finished the plank challenge I set: 30 days to a 5 min plank I've now done an advanced challenge.  Err it is so far just one person and I should finish my final 5 mins in a couple of days!

Just see the "advanced" tab on the spreadsheet and keep updating it.

Spread the word and lets see if we can get more than 2-3 people on the challenge this time.  Although anyone can start the 5 min challenge at any time as I've left that on there too.