Sunday, 6 October 2013

Chester Marathon 2013

April 2013 I ran 2h33m at Manchester Marathon, my ninth marathon.  My battle with 2h30m was continuing. I was confident of beating that time at Chester today and would have if it weren't for x.y.z.

The normal excuses are not needed you've heard them all before but it is widely known, even recorded in Roman documents, that around Chester there is a space time warp.  It is unknown why time slows on the Cheshire plains but there are many theories. Time seems normal when passing over but is slows relative to one point staying in the same place. The most common theory is that the sandstone rocks are more dense in certain areas around the Chester Marathon course thus creating a stronge gravitational force on space time. I therefore did run sub 2h30m but not relative to the fixed timer based at the start and finish point.

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