Sunday, 17 November 2013

Borders League Tattenhall

Today I ran the first of seven of the Borders League. It was forecast to be a wet day but the weather turned out OK. Rebecca and K came along to support me which always makes me happy. I know it must be boring for them but I really like the support.

I ran my fastest race again today. How do I know it was my fastest?   Well, from my calculations fromlast year using a calculator converter for the altitude,  the race is the same as a flat, road, 10k less 7 seconds. Very nerdy on the stats but I like to know whether I'm getting faster since I spend everyday training.  My current 10k PB is 33m09s. My time today was  33m11s, so that's a 33m4s equivalent flat 10k time.

My splits were:

5.08 5.29 6.20 5.26 5.01 5.28 5.15 (the last one being my pace for 18 seconds)

Guess where the hills were!

I started off fast which was the plan, but even my fast pace was not fast enough to place me at the front at 1 mile. I planned to try and lead the race for the first mile, just for a bit of fun really, and because from experience I tend to do better overall.  Going fast to begin with is a decision that is right for me but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone else. I feel I have spare energy at the beginning of a race that's wasted if not used as I can't get it back later. I also don't seem to suffer too much from going out too fast. It's still a work in progress so I'll adjust if necessary. Also my Dad who was a very good runner always went the first half mile leading the race. It suited him. Like father, like son!

I also had a fast mile between miles 4 to 5. This was mostly due to it being downhill but also because I was very determined.

In the race there was a runner in front of me whose shoe lace came undone at about 1.5 miles into the race. I thought that would be the end of his race but he kept going, and going, and going and went all the way to the end. Unbelievable. I didn't run right behind him because I thought he might trip.

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