Monday, 28 July 2014

Hard weeks training

I have had a hard weeks training. 10 weeks to Chester Marathon. As well as being tough it’ll be just after weeks of 100+ miles a week.

Monday: Woke up tied, more tied than usual but no niggles or anything to stop me from running so the usual run commute was in the morning: 10.4 miles into work. Stopped at the Tesco express and bought a big bag of Doritos. Thought I deserved it, my weakness. Went as slow as possible as I knew on the way home Darren would be meeting me for the last half. PM: Darren didn’t meet me in the end so a slow commute home. Didn’t think about the run at all. Got lost in my podcast (Ben Greenfield fitness and Ultra Runner Podcast)

Tuesday: AM: Legs feeling OK. Cycled in to work. PM: General Anaerobic for 8 miles at 6:10 pace in the heat: 25oC. I was dripping in sweat at the end and felt dizzy. Darren met me at 5 miles in so I had someone with me for the last 3 miles which always helps. Still got Doritos left. Ace

Wednesday AM: 12 mile progression run. Last four miles 6:09 ;pace. Total time: 1h16m. Hot again, so hot that I just got into the shower with my clothes on to clean them! PM: Cycled home and decided to do my strength training on a grass verge rather than when I get home because it can get too hectic at home with the little baby. 3 min front plank, 2mins X two plank on each side. I’ve been doing Plank strength work everyday for the last 2 months.

Thursday: AM: A Slow jog into work listening to the latest Marathon Talk podcast. PM: Another slow jog up until 5 miles when I met Darren and then the pace was at 6:30. I was glad of the company but the heat was getting to me. When running with Darren we discussed the next couple of days training and we decided to miss tomorrows tempo run and do it Saturday morning instead. This was a good idea because the only time we could do it on Friday was in the afternoon when the temperature was sky high.

Friday: Just went for a light jog, had the day off work, gardening work as got a garden party. Got a text from a fast runner (3:46 for 1500) who wanted to run with me on Saturday. I told him of our Tempo run and he planned to come with us. I joked that it was a race!

Saturday: We went to a local 10k route to make it more of a focussed session. Blasted out a 10k (not the full 10k), 5.8 miles at 5:30 pace. It was tough but really glad of the company. In the end the other two didn’t keep up with me but I think that was because they had done tougher sessions in the week than me.

Sunday: 21 miles progression, starting at 6:40 pace and moving up to 6:10 pace for the last 6 miles. Darren joined me for the 14 miles which was great. I love to run with people it makes it seem easier. And that’s it.

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