Saturday, 29 November 2014

North Wales Cross Country

Today's meet was at Wrexham, just 1 mile away from my house so how could I not go. 

I came forth overall and was close to 2nd. I just got beat in that last mile where the three of us knew it was going to be a fight. At one time in the race I thought I was going to win. But at mile three my club member, James Roberts just went off off into the lead on his own. 

For once I started, so I thought, conservatively being being quite a few at about 6th place, but the first mile was still too quick at 5.15. It goes to show that most runners go off too fast. Miles 2 and 3 where fun, i was working hard but slowly catching the lead group i knew I'd catch them because they went off too quick. i smiled at the thought of catching them. Paul Jones was leading and when i caught up to him at mile three, as I've already said, James went off like a rocket and left about four of us to battle it out. 

A runner from Oswestry called Oli was very strong in the last half mile and i got boxed in behind a runner we were lapping which i think cost me third place but who really knows. 

Overall i was also pleased with my average pace of 5.25 for the 5.5.5mile course, my fastest pace ever on cross country. 


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