Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wrexham Half and a bit and a bit more for others

Wrexham Half and a bit and a bit more for others 5:47pm | Village Bakery Half Marathon FEB 16 2014

I did the Wrexham Half today. It had to be diverted due to flooding but one Marshall got confused and sent most people the wrong way. He tried to send me the wrong way too and I did go the wrong way for a bit, stopped, realised it was the wrong way and then went the right way again. All this happened before the 1st mile was over. I clocked it as 13.4 miles.

Most people went on the extended version and ended up doing about 13.8 or even more. Anyway, when I got home I wrote down all my mile splits, substituted the first mile for my average and cut the distance down to 13.1 miles. The result was an equivalent time of 72m08s.

I'm pleased with that time and if I had been running with some other competitors, I ran on my own, I may have gone quicker. Who's knows. I thing for sure is that I felt strong and it was a very good training run.

I was 6th overall and 2nd North Wales but all of that has to be ignored really because others may have been in front if they had not gone the wrong way.

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