Sunday, 4 May 2014

Welsh International Runner at the Anglo Celtic Plate 100km

This was my first 100km and my first time running for Wales. I finished in a time of 7h43m. I FINISHED! I'm so glad to be able to say that because there were about 2 times in the race when I thought I wouldn't finish. I think the reasons I managed to finish were mental strength and support of the team managers, Mike and Arwel. Because my main aim was to finish to count for the team I couldn't risk pushing it too hard. Also since it was my first I wasn't sure if my body would hold out. And I had a slight hip niggle so overall, next time I do a 100k I should easily knock off 30 mins. Things I learnt, Counting my breaths over the miles, Eg. 400 per mile was a good technique to distract me from the pain. Never think of the whole distance. Break it down e.g. In 5 miles I'll have a banana. I need a bigger taper and no races for at least 5 weeks before. I should drink more and eat more. Nuts and bananas are good. that's it for now I'll add more later. Later: The course record was broken today and that made the race even more exciting to be part of. Steve Way (marigold on fetch) broke it in 6 hours 19 mins. To me that is the biggest achievement imaginable. Awesome stuff. Some funny stories: My team mate, Jason Dickinson (JasonD on fetch) was only two minutes behind me so we had a funny, good banter going afterwards. I told Jason I waited ages for him and took my time to let him catch up!! In reality I had to work hard at keeping in front of him. I wouldn't let myself stop running or take any corner wide! If I had to run an extra 1 meter I was cross! In hind sight this is funny because 1 meter over 100,000 meters is nothing! The only time I did stop was to go for a wee. I needed a wee at about 25 miles but I told myself that as a "treat" I would let myself stop for a wee at 35 miles. The portaloos were right next to the course so I didn't even have to stop for long. I would like to end by saying thanks to Welsh Athletics for giving me to oportunity and also a big thanks to Mike and Arwel who worked hard during the day to support the Welsh team (much better than the English support team). Bye for now. Daniel
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