Saturday, 4 July 2015

Moel Y Gamelin Fell Race

Your running encompasses a wide range of activities. 
Verticle K; 
Fell Running; 
Cross Country; 
Sky Running;
Mountain Racing.

What type of runner are you? Surely not all of these? At yesterday’s Fell Race I felt like I couldn’t call myself a Fell Runner. I just didn’t have the skill or quad muscles to run downhill. 

The race itself was enjoyable because of the views and weather. 

My family came and watched, little Theo fell (no pun intended) himself about 10 mins before the race. He had blood coming out of his mouth. I felt sorry for him and also a bit sorry for my family who’d have to wait around whilst I indulged myself. 

The first 1/3 of the race is up and down. I got overtaken on the first steep down and decided at that point that I wasn’t a Fell Runner and to try and stay at the front would be dangerous. 
Then the 2nd third of the race was flatter. I could have taken a few people here but I decided just to keep the pace at a sub maximal effort so that I’d enjoy it. There was no point in racing because there were steep declines in the last third that I had to contend with. At the aid station was the legend Pete Norman who is world class in the Masters category; he’s so inspirational that I couldn’t resist stopping and having a quick chat. 

When I finished the race my Dad was there enjoying chating with the old guys because he used to be a runner himself. I went off to find my wife and children hoping they hadn’t died of boredom. When I found them they were surprisingly happy. I think this was because Theo had slept and maybe the view and fresh air had increased their spirits.

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