Sunday, 26 February 2017

Guidance on running at the Center Parcs: Sherwood Forest

Here is some guidance on running at the Center Parcs: Sherwood Forest.

The first thing to say is that the place is completely fenced in so expect to do loops. You can do a 5k without repeating a road.  Here's a copy of a map of the place.

If you get time before going familiarise yourself with the map. Otherwise schedule your first run as a slower paced run to get to know the area. 

The best time to go is between 7am and 9am as later on there are too many cyclists.  Don't worry about vehicle traffic as cars are not allowed on site during the week.  

Mainly the terrain is undulating (gentle hills) on tarmac.  If you want a bit of off road then there is about a mile's worth running along the top (north) side.  The full trail is not shown on the map but the nature trail shown in the far right top corner (as a loop) is one end of the mile.  To get onto the loop you need to go right to the end of the road that has chalets in the high 880s on. 

If you want to do intervals there are a couple of nice half mile sections that also have Strava segments on. Here's a copy of the segments for you Strava lovers: 

Note that the best 1/2 mile reps I found were around the East side of the camp. 

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