Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Maximum Aerobic Function update

As you may know I've been running MAF since Christmas day! So about 2 months. I've stuck with it. No intervals, no tempos, just MAF or slower. The main goal is a 100km in May. I've been very tempted to do 8x800, my favorite interval session, but resisted.

Last weekend I raced a half marathon in 1h13m, my forth fastest time, ever, and I've done 16 of them. I'm pleased with that considering the fact that I have not ran at that pace, 5m33s a mile, since mid December (apart from one 4 mile race).

If the half was my main goal I would have thrown in a couple of tempo runs and I don't think it would have taken many to get a personal best. Hopefully this MAF training will continue to suit me. Next up is a marathon in 3 weeks.Hopefully a PB there because MAF training is better suited to the longer stuff.

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