Friday, 27 February 2009


Today's quote: "My father always used to say that, when you die, if you\'ve got five real friends, then you\'ve had a great life." - Lee Iacocca

I hope I don't die soon because I have to admit that I may not have five "real" friends. Although what is a real friend? The trouble with me is that I do too much running to spend a lot of time growing friendships. Plus running makes me tired so when I do see other people I am not always the most exciting person to be with. I am working on it though so if you want to be my friend please be patient with me!

I ran 14m last night which included 8 X 1/2 mile reps in 2m47seconds. This morning I ran 14.5m in 1h44mins.

1 month 30 days to FLM
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