Monday, 13 July 2009

Quote and run

Bob does well in big races because he doesn't stand at the starting line and establish a pecking order. He doesn't look around and say: 'Oh, sp-and-so is here...' His great gift is his ability to focus completely on himself and his own race, and then let the place or the time take care of itself. - Coach Vince Lananna on Bob Kempainen

Last night my legs were aching all night. I think I need an easy interval session tonight. I have a partly hilly race on Friday night so I need to taper a bit.

Yesterday evening I put my Trailer Tent on Freecycle. I had a huge response, about 40 emails. Someone came around in the evening and took it. People love free stuff.

Yesterday was also a good day because my little K learnt to use her bike without stabilisers.

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