Thursday, 15 April 2010

"We can't all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by." - Will Rogers

I went for a lovely spring 12 mile run this morning and decided the night before to try and run 2 miles on grass barefoot. I'm trying to incorporate barefoot running into my running plan in order to strengthen my feet and to improve my running form. However, I learnt that my feet can't withstand (at the moment) more than 200m on grass that it frozen. I forgot that my feet are very sensitive and can not withstand frost. I wonder if, when feet are hardened, they can run on cold ground? I'll have to do an internet search on it! Anyway I'm still on target for this week: 100miles run, 65 miles cycle and 3K swim.

I also ran on a local field in Wrexham today known as the Morgan Clwyd fields on Cefn Road and I noticed a newly painted 400m track. This is such a good idea and I will use it a lot in the future. I must remember to send a thank you email to the council.

I keep thinking I could've done more for the Marathon training but I need to remember that in Dec, Jan, Feb when training should be base training I did spend time exercising. This time was not clocking up running miles but in the swimming pool and cycling. It equates to the same time, roughly to Feb, Mar in 2009 which I spent running. The 2010 training has worked because my race times are quicker, e.g. Twin Piers, Farndon, XC and BL positions. I've also felt good this week even though I've increased the training. This shows that I'm stronger too.
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