Saturday, 14 March 2015

Weeks Training and life

Week commencing 09/03/2015:

Monday, legs sore after winning the Wrexham Marathon yesterday but still managed to cycle into work. Thinking about future plans: - Next A Race: 100k champs 2nd May 15 so until then: - Late March / Early April: Longer run on Wednesday mornings and longer on Weekends when not racing - Mid April / End of April shorter runs. - Throughout: Tuesday: Speed work, Thursdays, Intervals if able. Racing.

Tuesday I bought a new phone Friday and it’s my first Smart phone so I’ve been messing around with running Apps. I think I’ve settled on Runtastic as I can do intervals with the Pro version which was only 10p. I’m hoping the phone will replace the Garmin 310XT and MP3 player. It seems like it has because the voice over works for intervals, go faster, you’re on pace, in 10 seconds next interval etc. The intervals can also be programmed. I cycled into work and ran home 10 miles. When running home that’s when I did a test interval session on the phone. I didn’t actually run really fast because my legs where hurting from the Sunday Wrexham Marathon.

Wednesday Ran into work, 10 miles, legs hurting! It was a shuffle. Cycled home. On the bike ride I overtook another cyclist who then decided to keep up with me. I felt under pressure then to remain at pace and I felt uncomfortable with him following me. I didn’t want to stop and just let him past because I wanted to get home. This really annoyed me!

Thursday. Cycled in to work. Loving my new phone and am able to listen to podcasts with a great podcast app: Pod Addict. Ran home, just a recovery pace, legs still hurt.

Friday Ran in to work, legs really hurting. My running partner in crime sent me a text with the weekend plan: 10 at marathon pace on Saturday, 21 on Sunday. I might just do half of both sessions. Legs beat up.

Busy day today so started early. Met up with to running buddies. Managed 4.25 miles at 5:55 pace then did the sensible thing and jogged home.
Afternoon went out for lunch. Multi celebration 🎉
Mum and Dads 40 wedding anniversary, Theo's birthday, Karla's birthday and Mothering Sunday.

Did 19 in the morning. Didn't mean to do so many but I was with a friend who wanted the company. I must keep the foam roller out cus my legs will be tight.

Onwards to the next week ...

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