Sunday, 29 March 2015

Week commencing 23rd March 2015.

Goal: 100K sub 7h15m in early May, 5 weeks 5 days to go.
Dream: 100k World Champs GB Team Date: September 12th 2015 Location: Winschoten, Netherlands (I’m allowed to dream)
Each day I also do 5 mins of strength work.  Short but sweet.

Run to work, recovery. With Strava switched on which is still new and fresh to me! 10.5 miles (6:45 pace).
Run home, recovery, 10.5 miles (6:45 pace).
I spent 40mins in the evening setting up 8 Strava segments all of which are half mile long so that I can try and do an interval session by chasing these segments next time.  The thing is, I’ll need Strava Premium to get the segment audio feedback.  I’m hoping to get a free trial version.  I have to log runs for five more days within the next 30 days to get this.

Cycled into work, foam rolling.
Run home. I ran 10.5 miles with 10 x 1 min sprints. The first one was 5:01 pace. I wanted them to be under 5mm so after the first one I put on some fast tempo music on my headphones instead of the podcast I was listening to. This did the trick. I concentrated on form: Straight back, hips forward, swing arms fast. My pace went to 4:45. Loved it.

Morning.  16 miles, 1h41m50s (6:21 pace) I ran a mid-week run this morning in the glorious sunshine.  There was no wind and so I was able to keep the pace steady at 6:21 average.  It felt easy otherwise I would have slowed it down. 
PM cycled home.

Cycled into work. Remembered to update (sorry if you don’t listen to Marathon Talk as you won’t know what is)
I got he official letter (email attachment) from Welsh Athletics at lunch time telling me I’ve been selected for the Anglo Celtic Plate 100K.  H A P P Y.  I posted it on Facebook and got 111 likes and 40 comments.  A bit sad, but I kept checking to see the count go up.  My claim to fame is Facebook likes, O dear. 
Here's a write up Gareth Hughes did for me on his Athletics North Wales blog: 

PM Intervals. 8 X 800m (1m15s rest)
Pre-blog of session, I can’t wait, even though I might be a little tied, to do this session because I’ve set up 8 half mile segments on my run home.  I know where each one starts so I’ll run fast at those points.  I’ll be lying down some times to beat.  I just hope there ain’t no dog walkers, traffic, bikers etc in my way cus I won’t be a stoppin.  Na, truth is I’ll just stop the Garmin.
Post session: I did the segments and each one was recorded correctly on Strava. The aim is to stop using my Garmin and just rely on the Strava Segments to do my intervals.
Average pace for the 800 = 5m13s pace.

AM 10.5 miles, 6m45s pace.  I had company for a change. My mate, John Davies sent me a text in the morning asking to join me.
 PM: Cycled home 

This was a strange day.  I just didn't know what to do. Either put some miles in for the Ultra Training or taper for tomorrow's 10K.  Anyway I opted for the later and headed out with Theo in the running buggy to do an easy 4 miles.  It turned out to be a really hard run because the wind picked up and it took all my strength to push it!  

Helena Tipping (it down) 10k 
Well I won in 35:07 which might be a record: Slowest win ever for the race! The wind was just too strong. I also managed to do 8 afterwards and cycle 8. I was going to do more but ran out of time. 

On to the next week... 

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