Sunday, 8 March 2015

Wrexham Marathon Win

Today was the first Wrexham Marathon which I won. I had to win really because I've lived in Wrexham for 35 years, have been a member of Wrexham AC for 10 years and my Dad was also a Wrexham AC member for 20+ years. I didn't think I would be so quick (2h35mins) because of the hills, wind and turns but I think because I knew the route so well that helped. It also helped that I have been quite relaxed about it and not training hard for a marathon. Also my fitness from the Autumn marathon has carried through. With regards to the event itself I really liked seeing my wife and baby Theo on route which was 200m from my house. At that point, 20 miles, I was really cold so it was good to see them. On route I also saw my headmaster from Junior School. He cheered me on and I jokingly said "thanks Sir". I can't help wondering what I might have done on a flat course in calmer conditions. Typical runner! That's all folks. Daniel.
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