Sunday, 26 April 2015

Week commencing 20th April, <2 weeks to ACP100KM

Week commencing 20th April: 12 days to 100km Ultra: Anglo Celtic Plate including British Championships


Commute back and to keeping pace to target pace at Ultra (6m45s) to drum it into my legs.


AM Cycle 10m

PM Easy 10 mile run


RACE DAY I did the final race of the Borders League Road Race series.  I came first in the race and secured my first position overall.
4.05 miles in 21:05, it felt like I was sprinting all the way. I had to because 2nd placer, Lee Jones, wasn't giving in. Not even in the last half mile. I had to dig deep but I like that.

An easy job into work, 10.5 miles.
Cycled home.

A rare day off from running, Cycled to and from work.

I had fun watching a local race whilst pushing baby Theo in his baby jogger. 10 miles.

5 mile Tempo. 5:45 pace, undulating. With warm up and cool down.


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