Monday, 6 April 2015

Last week's training

Family away so did two runs. 25 miles, 6:45 pace

Two runs again, 10.5 miles each at 6:45 pace. Communting to work.

Tempo run, 14 miles. It was hard to judge the pace on this run due to the wind. I think it was about 6:40 to begin with going down to 6:20. There was a head wind most of the time because I was running in one direction, from work to home.
I like running as a way to travel. It's more certain than motor vehicles as there are no traffic jams.
I put a 90 mile run on Strava and fooled a couple of people since it was April Fool's day. It's now been removed do it doesn't scew my training log.

Run in to work and cycled home.

Good Friday so had the day off.
8 miles with two friends then 2.5 with Theo in the baby jogger.

5 miles tempo at 5m50 pace. Felt fine. Went a bit slower than a normal tempo as wanted to do a long run Sunday

26.2 2h49m Wasn't sure how far I'd go when I started but ended up feeling OK and did a full marathon.
Started with Darren doing 6:25s for 15 miles. Then I was on my own for the rest. I also practiced eating about 200 calories an hour as I think that's what I'll do in the 100k.
I noticed a Garmin 310xt sold on eBay for £49. I was the highest bidder until last minute. Bargain. I didn't need a new one but for that price, with a HRM, which I do need, I had to have a go. Got to love eBay hey.

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