Sunday, 12 April 2015

Week commencing 6th April

10.5 miles 6:48 pace

Two buggy runs today with Theo. Had the day off work. I covered about 14 miles and did 9 x 45 sec hill repeats.

9 miles on grass to save the knees, 6:40 pace. Busy day travelling with work but still managed.

Am,  cycling in to work. Back to normal routine.
4 miles worth of intervals,  800 x 8,  5:18 pace,  tries to get Strava to give me live audio feedback on the segments but couldn't get it to work.
6.5 miles warm up / down.  Had a hard session today. Hopefully I'll recover ok for Sunday's race.

Recovery run into work: 6:45 pace 10.5 miles
Cycle Home. 

Another run pushing Theo in the Buggy, about 4.5 miles. 

Sunday's Borders League Race. 
I think I've secured 1st place. 
We'll see.  10k in 33m29s, I think. I didn't have my watch on.  It was really windy so there was no point in having a watch on anyway. 
Four miles warm up / down. 
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