Thursday, 27 November 2008

4 months 28 days to go to FLM 2009

Hard session this morning: 1/2 mile reps on the road. 6 of them with only 30 secs rest 2m 45s pace. So glad to have my Garmin Forerunner watch to time sessions like these. If you are a keen runner and do not have a Garmin then get one for Christmas. I've had mine for about a year now and it is a runners essential.

Running home later from Chester to Wrexham. Hope the weather stays nice. Got some good podcasts to listen to on my MP3 player. Does anyone else listen to podcasts on their MP3 players whilst running? Good use of time. Keep up with the news, education, documentaries etc. Can anyone recommend good podcasts?

Ran home: 11 miles. Mile splits: 6.41,7.07,6.51,6.47,6.51,6.41,6.59,7.25,7.02,6.51,6.57,2.05

Running easy tomorrow, I have a hard speed tempo run to do on Saturday so don't want to be too tied for that.

Bye for now,

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