Friday, 24 September 2010

Aqua running

It hurts up to a point and then it doesn't get any worse. - Ann Trason

Aqua running.
My first session this morning. I did 23 mins. It went quickly and I wanted to do more but did not have enough time.
I did about 110 steps per minute.
Donna (life gaurd) gave me some advice:
- Body 3% forward
- abs tight
- natural spine alinment
- bum tucked in
- arms:
- elbows right angle and tucked in
- thumbs on top
- drive elbow back
- can increase , extend arm forward - keep wrist in line with elbow
- legs:
Lift leg so knee come up to 70%-90% angle
- ankle in line with knee 90%
- foot flexed
- push down (like stamping grapes)
- keep foot flex and pull leg back
- extend fully - squeezing bum
- draw leg (foot) up toward bum in natural recovery
- swing through to start motion again
- keep head up
- steady breathing
- chest lifted abs tight
- try not to sit in water.

For next week I'll try to have a bit more of a session with intervals. I wonder if I could buy a water-proof MP3 player with head phones?

The swimming pool has let me keep the floatation belt in their store room. I just hope it'll be there next week.

Last nights run session was on the grass.

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