Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Ramblings of a hopeful sub 2:35 runner

4 months, 22 days to go to Flora London Marathon.

Had a brilliant session this morning. Actually glad to see rain because that meant the road would not be icy and I could get in a good speed session. Did eight 1/2 mile reps with 1 min rest inbetween. Total 8 miles. Tapering down for the race on the weekend.

Received some good news yesterday... Following my Dad's footsteps. I was chosen to run for North Wales in the Welsh Inter Regional XC. My Mum & Dad were so pleased that they said they would come and watch. Thanks M & D. Did not expect them to do that.

"Bob does well in big races because he doesn't stand at the starting line and establish a pecking order. He doesn't look around and say: 'Oh, sp-and-so is here...' His great gift is his ability to focus completely on himself and his own race, and then let the place or the time take care of itself. - Coach Vince Lananna on Bob Kempainen" In life we could learn from this. Sometimes we compare ourselves to others too much.
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