Tuesday, 9 December 2008


4 months, 16 days days to go to the FLM

Today's quote: "a change is as good as a rest".

Yesterday evening was a unexpected hill session. I turned up at the track to find out that it was too icy to run on; so I could not do my planned session. Instead a group of us ran to a hill and ran up and down it doing reps.

This hill session was a change and felt like a rest. Doing the same things over and over does have its advantages, one main one being able to know your limits and measure progression. However, doing the unknown is a nice break "a change is as good as a rest".

Why not try something different today or doing the same thing in a different way? It may feel like a rest.

Did 10 miles this morning in just under 7min miles.

Bye for now,

Thanks to those how put me in their favourites and voted for my blog yesterday.

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